Healthy Kids for a Healthy Planet

Healthy Kids for a Healthy Planet


What is it?

The Healthy Kid Project is an educational program that introduces the concept of a plant-rich diet to kids age 6-10 and is meant to serve as a call to action for others. A call to eat healthfully, both for our children and our planet. The organization has two goals:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint - Adapting to a plant-rich diet would be the 4th most impactful thing humans can do in reducing carbon emissions and building a greener future.

  2. Reduce the rate of childhood obesity - Plant-rich diets reduce future risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. These diseases account for $1 Trillion in annual healthcare costs and lost productivity.



How does it work?

Students are engaged in activities that teach sustainable practices that can be bridged into their homes and communities. Students learn not only about wholesome foods but also how much of those they should be eating. Water and physical activity are also important so those are tracked by the students via their customized activity sheet, too!   



Who does this serve?

Food deserts and poor nutritional habits challenges in this country and The Healthy Kid Project aims to solve these problems. With its adoption in underserved communities, families learn the benefits of fruits, veggies, beans, and all those great foods we ALL should be eating.

Engagement is encouraged at the community level with retired educators bringing these lessons to their local schools in after-school programs.


Something special for you…

Get our free coloring sheet to use with your kids to educate them about the benefits of a plant-based diet on our bodies and the environment!