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This past Saturday could not have been nicer at the Noe Valley Farmers Market. It was a little quieter than usual, likely due to the fact that it was a holiday weekend. The weather was sunny and there was a light breeze from the west.. Conditions could not have been better...

This was an important day for me as this was the first time I have had prototypes in the hands of kids for me to observe. While it was fun and games for this kids, it was an experiment for me. 

The good news? Feedback was positive! 

Introducing kids to beans, rice and pistachio nuts is a great way to teach a few basic concepts about plant germination. 

This little one was intrigued by the Black Rice. 

Per Wikipedia, "Black rice is known as chak-hao in Manipur, where desserts made from black rice are served at major feasts."

How cool is that?!

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Malbec, Purple Haze, Yellowstone and the common Orange Carrot.
Grown in Fresno by this friendly Farmer.    

In June, we are working on an exciting activity to pair up for the July break

(pssst.. it involves a free coloring page & coloring contest with prizes).

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on this and other cool activities that you can do this summer.  

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